Top 5 Social Media Sites for Artists

Updated: Jun 20

If you’re an artist, it should be a no-brainer that you need to have a social media plan. The problem is figuring out which platforms your best audience members are on and how to reach them with content they will find valuable.

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By now I’m sure you’re very aware that social media marketing is a must for any artist. What you might not know though is that:

  • Certain social media platforms are better than others for creatives

  • And, you shouldn’t have the same social media strategy and frame of mind for your professional profiles as you do for your personal profiles (keep your creative personality separate from your personal online personality)

To help get you started, here are a few details and tips for the top five social sites we think are best for creatives of all styles and backgrounds.

# 1- Instagram

Many people use Instagram every day to show their artwork too, well, everyone! It may seem crazy at first, seeing as everyone on Instagram has many different styles of art, but rest assured that you’ll get used to the flow of things on this site very soon.

When you post your art on Instagram, a ton of people probably won’t flock to it right away but not to worry! With certain hashtags like #TrendyTuesday, #FearlessFriday, and many more, you can launch your images straight into trending hashtags lists where more people will see your work!

Another helpful tip is to follow some people and make awesome friends with unique personalities! Follow galleries, other artists, boutiques and art districts, and even artist managers and reps. Collab with people and spread your art through this awesome website!

Oh and don’t forget to always like your posts from your personal Instagram page too (that way the people who you know personally will be introduced to your artwork…as will the people they follow).

#2- Tumblr

Tumblr is a fantastic site well known for sharing amazing pieces of art! You’ll discover that so people on here are friendly and like to help each other out. Bonus…if you’re looking for pointers on art pieces or just awesome friends that are into the same type of art you’re into, then this is the site for you!

Tumblr is much more relaxed than the other social platforms, so have fun and let your inner creativity shine!

#3- Twitter

While it might not be popular with everyone, Twitter is a useful site to show off your work and to get noticed in search results (a little social marketing trick). You can tweet images onto the platform and gain likes from many people!

Hashtags are a high priority here as well, so make sure to use them all the time to help you get noticed sooner! Everyone on here is really social and it moves at lightning speed, so there is always something new to chat about. If you’re a social butterfly then Twitter is the totally perfect site for you!

#4- Deviantart

Deviantart is a truly unique site where art is key. You can publish art of any style onto this platform, including personal literature, with ease. You may not get much attention at first, but if you can keep on top of your profile then people will start to notice you soon enough!

The community is very supportive and helpful, and they have an awesome core membership program which gives you more benefits than a regular member!

#5- Facebook

Facebook is another great social place where you can post your works of art. ‘Facebook? Ugh, my mom is on there!’ Okay, we know it’s super cool, but don’t knock it because not only will it improve your search results (again, a social media marketing trick we use), but your family members can help support you and extend your reach by sharing your art with people they know.

Plus, but on this site, your family members can have a much easier time finding you and you can be happy with them not know what other sites you post on!

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